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Street Gardens of Tokyo

One of Slugg’s favorite things to do when travelling is to wander through bustling and picturesque street gardens of Tokyo, hoping to stumble upon exciting clusters of potted plants that line them.

When visiting the street gardens of Tokyo (Slugg is such a jet setter!), Slugg found it fascinating to discover numerous pot plants dotted around entrances in apartment buildings and shop fronts. It well and truly brightened his day!

These incredible images were taken by the talented India and Magnus of Haarkon, who spend their time documenting their travels. Enjoy!

Green plants in pots spill out of a home's front porch onto the street.
Urban growing trees and shrubbery.
A large Philodendron Plant thrives in a run down urban environment.
Carefully maintained Cloud Tree in front of a home.
An assortment of small pots and planters on a stand.
Bushy foliage completely covers the front of a home.