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Our Story

    Where it All Sprouted (2000)

    Imagine a teen with dirt under his nails and dreams in his eyes — that’s Josh, our plant-whispering protagonist, starting his landscaping apprenticeship and sowing the seeds of his future in the year 2000.

      Harrison's Landscaping was born (2006)

      Fast-forward past the apprenticeship, and voilà! Harrison’s Landscaping sprouts up, with Josh at the helm, turning Australia’s gardens from blah to breathtaking, one backyard at a time. Harrison's Landscaping would become one of Australia's most awarded landscape design firms.

        The Pot Plot Thickens (2012)

        Cue the frustration with subpar planters! In a quest for the pot of gold (pardon the pun), Josh jet-sets to Vietnam, determined to unearth planters worthy of his green masterpieces.

          The Balcony Garden Blooms (2012-2015)

          After 3 years of R&D and hundreds of design revisions, The Balcony Garden unveils its lineup in 2015 — pots and planters that scream ‘chic’ louder than a fashionista at a shoe sale.

            ... which grew to 2 showrooms and thousands of customers.

            The Balcony Garden provided its customers with a range of contemporary pots and planters unlike anything on the market. The business grew into Australia’s largest supplier of designer pots and planters, servicing thousands of customers.

              Things Look Better In Threes (Post-2015)

              As The Balcony Garden's pots pop up on patios, a stylish trend emerges: pot clusters! Why do pots look better in threes? Apparently, it's just the way our lovely brains work. Designers call it the "Law of Threes".

                Enter Slugg: Thrice as Nice (2021)

                Inspired by the magic number, Slugg makes its grand entrance with trios of pots that are color-coordinated to perfection. Get ready for the triple-threat of the planter world!

                  Slugg's Selling Spree (Post-2021)

                  Oh, how the pots have flown! Over 5,000 Slugg sets have found their forever homes, proving that good things really do come in threes.

                  Good Things Come in Three

                  • Rosie

                    Regular price $329 USD

                    a classic beauty with a dramatic twist

                  • Thomas

                    Regular price $329 USD

                    a minimalistic design with clean lines

                  • Lucy

                    Regular price $329 USD

                    a modern statement delicate in design