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Monstera Thai Constellation

One of the most trending plants right now is the Monstera Thai Constellation. This stunning variegated variety is currently fetching up to $10,000 for a cutting! Keen to learn more?

A mutation in the plant's chlorophyll formation causes a unique marbling pattern. This pattern makes Monstera Thai Constellation so appealing to crazy plant people.

The Monstera Thai Constellation variety can be challenging to find. Unless you know an excellent nursery specializing in rare and exotic plants, your best bet is to search online. I've even seen cuttings available at my local markets, although these usually go quickly!

One of the common questions is, "Can the variegated patterns revert to all green?". Fortunately, the white pattern will always remain; however, you need to remove any new "all green" leaves. If you don't cut back any "all green" leaves, the following leaves will also be green.

Are you looking for Monstera Thai Constellation inspiration? Your best place to start is Instagram or Tiktok, where you'll find thousands of enthusiastic crazy plant people sharing their passion.

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