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Madagascar Palm


Originating from Southern Madagascar, the Madagascar Palm is a hardy, low-maintenance succulent that thrives both indoors and outdoors in pots. Enjoy our comprehensive guide to one of the most eye-catching plants.


Is It Really a Palm?

Not quite! Despite its name, the Madagascar Palm is technically a succulent that performs photosynthesis through its stem rather than its leaves.

Does It Flower?

Yes, it does! While the flowers are small and unscented, they do appear between the leaves. However, it's rare for a Madagascar Palm to flower unless it’s in conditions similar to its native habitat.

How Much Water Does It Need?

As with most succulents, the Madagascar Palm prefers well-draining soil and tends to stay dry. If it’s planted in soil that retains too much moisture, it can develop root rot.

Sun or Shade?

This plant loves the sun! Madagascar Palms thrive in warm weather and are not suited for cold, dark locations. While they can be grown indoors, they need plenty of natural light.

Additional Tips

During the winter, Madagascar Palms will enter a dormant phase, so don’t be alarmed if growth slows and a few leaves drop off. The key to keeping your Madagascar Palm healthy is to avoid over-watering. The plant stores water in its trunk, making it unlikely to dry out. This succulent is ideal for a sunny Californian garden.

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