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Black fibreglass drainage screen and four pot black feet.

Drainage Kit

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Drainage Kit

$10 USD

Pot Trays

$20 USD

Each drainage kit includes 9 x Black plastic pot feet and 3 x pieces of fibreglass fly screen. We include enough pot feet and screen in one drainage kit for all three of your pots.

This item is not for individual sale.  It must be purchased with a set of pots. Should you purchase a drainage kit without a set of pots, we will cancel the order and refund your money.  Thanks for your understanding.

Product Information

Our iconic flawless finish is made from premium poly-resin, it’s perfect for indoors and outdoors. Each Slugg® pot comes with 2 drainage holes. Slugg® garden pots are pre-packaged as a set of three and cannot be purchased individually.

  • Super fast delivery*

    Actual slugs may be slow. But our super fast shipping network isn’t!

  • Good things come in threes

    Sluggs® are sold as a set of three garden pots in a box.

  • Suitable for indoors & out

    The entire Slugg® range is suitable for indoor and outside.

  • Built to last

    Slugg® garden pots are waterproof, lightweight, and tougher than nails

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Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Designers call it "the law of three". Even numbers create symmetry, while odd numbers create a focal point and add interest to a space. The size of each Slugg garden pot has been designed to ensure the scale works in a cluster of three.

Sluggs look best grouped together to form a cluster of three pots. However, many of our customers use their Slugg pots individually. You can plant them up (soil inside the pot) or you can simply place your nursery pot inside the empty Slugg pot.

Slugg garden pots are made from poly resin. They are lightweight, waterproof and far stronger than traditional concrete planters.

Slugg garden pots are sold in sets of three, which makes it super easy to create the perfect pot cluster. They are not available for individual purchase.

Yes, every Slugg garden pot comes with 2 drainage holes.

Slugg® has officially launched in the USA!