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5 Reasons why these garden pots keep selling out 💁‍♀️

Premium, sustainable pre-packaged garden pot clusters that add a pop to any room.

Sold as three pots in a box

Things look better in threes. Why? Apparently it's just the way our lovely brains work.

We’ve designed three pots that are guaranteed to look amazing together. Easy!

Three pots in a box for only $299

Woman in colorful dress standing next to a white decorative wall and potted plants outside.

Suitable for indoors & outside

Slugg garden pots are waterproof, lightweight, and tougher than nails.

Materials safe for:




Living Rooms


Entry Ways

Woman in a summer dress enjoying a garden with stylish white planters and a variety of plants

Iconic flawless finish

With passion comes care. Slugg pots are individually handcrafted with the finest materials to create our iconic flawless finish.

Need a little extra to sweeten
the deal? 🐌

Unlike anything in the USA

Our pre-packaged garden pot clusters are guaranteed to look amazing. Simply unpack and pair with your favorite plants.

Read the Slugg® journey so far

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New to the states but proven down under!

Meet the three Slugg’s®

Three pots. Three colors. Three in a box.



a modern statement delicate in design



a classic beauty with a dramatic twist



a minimalistic design with clean lines


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