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Plant Guides

  • The green heart-shaped leaves of a Scindapsus Satin Pothos with grey speckled patterning.

    Scindapsus Satin Pothos

    Not to get it confused with its cousin Epipremnum Aureum (Devils Ivy), this genus is in a league of its own. Scindapsus leaves tend to be slightly thicker, splashed with spots of iridescent grey or textured silver sheen on heart-shaped matte leaves.
  • A potted baby Alocasia, Silver Dragon plant.

    Alocasia Silver Dragon

    Alocasia Silver Dragon is an extraordinary and exotic plant that is considered more difficult to find (and therefore rare) as an indoor pot plant.
  • How to repot a Fiddle Leaf Fig

    How to repot a Fiddle Leaf Fig

    So you've purchased your new garden pots, and now it's time to repot your beloved Fiddle Leaf Fig. But where do you start? While repotting your plant baby can seem daunting, it's ultimately best for the plant.

  • Unique green and white speckled variegated Monstera Thai Constellation.

    Monstera Thai Constellation

    One of the most trending plants right now is the Monstera Thai Constellation. This stunning variegated variety is currently fetching up to $10,000 for a cutting! Keen to learn more?

  • Madagascar Palm Tree has a bulbous stem with thick branches and soft elongated green foliage.

    Madagascar Palm

    We hope you enjoy our ultimate guide to one of the most striking plants, the Madagascar Palm.