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Swiss Cheese Plant- Monstera Deliciosa

Big, bold and beautiful are some of the common descriptions for the Monstera deliciosa plant. Native to rainforests in Central America, the Monstera deliciosa displays large glossy heart-shaped leaves with characteristic splits throughout the foliage. You'll also spot intricate aerial roots growing out of the soil which help the plant support the stems of the leaves. Generally seen in glossy interior magazines and stunning landscape projects as the ‘wow’ feature plant to any home, these easy-to-grow climbing evergreen plants are a must-have in your space.

Swiss Cheese Plant leaves with a white background.


General Care


Indirect sunlight, shaded area.


Regular watering once a week during growing season.


Suitable for all climatic zones. Mist to increase humidity.


Rich, good quality and well-draining, potting mix.

Indoor Monstera Deliciosa with a large open face.

Common Problems

Wiping dust or debris off leaves with a damp sponge or paper towel will keep the plant clean and avoidant of pests. However, common pests that can invade the plant include mealybugsaphidsthripsscale, and spider mites. If any are found on the foliage, spray the plant with a direct water stream. Leaves can also be washed with insecticidal soap.


Wilting Leaves


Overwatering. First sign of root rot.


Browning/Yellowing Leaves


Under-watering, increase watering routine.


Monstera Deliciosa plants are considered mildly toxic plants to both pets and humans.