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Purple Waffle- Hemigraphis Alternata

The Hemigraphis atlernata truly unfurls exotic attributes, with its intensely dark green, metallic sheen leaves with an underside of maroon, blood red or deep purple hues. As nicknamed Purple Waffle plant due to the crinkled texture of its leaves (similar to a waffle), these features also contribute to its air purifying properties. These low maintenance beauties require minimal pruning and grooming and when loved right, it may treasure you with infrequent and short-lived, bright white blooms that radiate next to the deeply-hued foliage.

Hemigraphis Alternata Plant with a tiny white flower.

General Care


Medium to bright indirect light


Once a week, kept moist but not soggy and allowed to dry out slightly between watering.


Medium to high humidity


Use good quality potting mix.

Purple Waffle Plant foliage with deep green faces and rich purple undersides.

Common Problems

Purple waffle plants are fairly resistant to problems with pests and diseases.


Yellow, mottled leaves


Downy mildew


Stunted growth or wilted foliage


Overwatered, root rot


This is an excellent clean air plant, made even better by the increased area of the deeply puckered leaves. Non-poisonous to humans and pets.