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Elephant Ears- Alocasia

High drama, bold texture and lush greenery are the signature benefits of showcasing elephant ears in your garden or home. These exotic perennial plants grow huge heart-shaped leaves and are perfect as an accent plant to create a tropical feeling in your space. Growing them is simple — they like filtered sun or shade with rich, moist soil. Be aware that Elephant Ears (like their names suggest) can reach impressive sizes very quickly.

Elephant Ear (R) in a Thomas pot. 

General Care


Medium to bright, indirect light.


Keep elephant ear plants consistently moist. Water daily.


Best in warm, humid conditions and needs moisture constantly. Avoid drafts.


Use a high-quality potting mix.

Ginormous Elephant leaf capturing water droplets.

Common Problems

Elephant ears are easy to grow, fast-growers, and aren't susceptible to many problems. However, fungal infections are their biggest threat since they're water lovers.




Elephant ears droop if light, water, or fertiliser levels are off. Large leaves can also droop if they become too heavy, and you can remedy their weightiness with stakes to support the plants. Plants will also decline if temperatures are too cold for them.




Too much sun, heat exposure, and not enough water.


Elephant Ear plants are toxic to pets and humans when ingested.