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Bromeliad- Bromeliaceae Genera

The striking colours and flowers of the Bromeliads provide an exotic touch to the home and garden, bringing a sense of the tropics and sun-kissed climates.

From vibrant pinks to purples, orange and red flowers in contrast to the variant multicoloured greens and textures including bands, stripes, spots, and other features on its foliage, it's no wonder these plants are much loved and welcomed in any space. Bromeliads may look difficult to grow, but this tropical-looking epiphyte is easy to care for, slow growing and long-lasting.

A plant with pink coloured foliage that zippers up a thick stem towards the crown.

General Care


Bright to indirect light.


Regular filling of the 'cup' at the base/centre of the leaves is only required.


Prefers warm, humid conditions.


 Well-draining high-quality sand soil. 


A gardener tending to a potted red Bromeliad.

Common Problems

Although sometimes susceptible to mealybugsaphids, and scale, bromeliads are largely free of severe pests. Bromeliads are very sensitive to metal, so avoid watering from metal watering cans and metal pots.


Yellow/ drooping leaves


Overexposure to direct sunlight


Water Spots on leaves


Hard water/ too high mineral content. Demineralised water


Bromeliads are non toxic or poisonous to both cats, dogs and humans.