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Bird of Paradise- Strelitzia

These rich, tropical foliage plants with gorgeous blooms of orange, yellow, white, and touches of indigo perched on long stems look like the crests of exotic birds peeking through the leaves. It’s easy to see how these impressive plants were named Birds of Paradise. These beauties are easier to grow, tolerant to drought, and can handle salty coastal conditions, making them a vigorous, rapidly growing indoor plant. Birds of Paradise typically flower in late winter or early spring, but can bloom at other times of the year when provided optimal conditions. Often mistaken for the Banana Plant, they are perfect for beginner gardeners as they are fuss-free and easy to maintain once established.

A leafy Bird of Paradise makes a bold statement against a white painted wall.

General Care

Prefers bright direct sunlight or part shade.

Requires regular watering. Keep the soil continually moist throughout the year.

Thrives in medium to high humidity.

Use a rich, well-drained potting mix.

Strelitzia has an orange toned flower in the shape of a bird's head.

Common Problems

Strelitzia is a relatively easy-going plant with very few issues. It is most prone to root rot and insects that prey on the plant when its optimal conditions are not met. However, if it’s not overwatered, kept fed, and given ample light and air circulation, it can avoid most problems.

Symptoms and Causes:

  • Curling leaves: Typically caused by underwatering.
  • Wilting or brown leaves: Usually a result of overwatering or root rot.


While the leaves are non-toxic to humans, they can cause a toxic reaction if ingested by pets. Keep this plant out of reach of curious animals.