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Alocasia Silver Dragon

Alocasia Silver Dragon is an extraordinary and exotic plant that is considered more difficult to find (and therefore rare) as an indoor plant perfect for garden pots. With remarkable silvery sheen, velvet textured leaves, this plant is named for its usual foliage that reminiscent of dragon scales.

General Care


Position your Alocasia Silver Dragon garden pot in uniform medium to bright levels of light, requires indirect light. Direct sunlight can (quite quickly) burn the leaves of this more sensitive houseplant.


Occasionally, allowing your Alocasia Silver Dragon to slightly dry out between waterings. Use distilled water or tap water once left for at least 24hours for minerals to evaporate.


Like a home with high humidity, avoid wind drafts Soil- Using a premium potting mix is essential.

A plant with powder white leaves and a dark green vein pattern in the centre.

Common Problems

Most notably, spider mites tend to be the biggest nuisance of Alocasia Silver Dragon. Always check regularly for pests, and eradicate as soon as possible with natural remedies such as neem oil spray.


Brown, crispy leaf tips


Humidity too low, cold air


Yellowing leaves


Inadequate watering.  Having said that, make sure you use a garden pot with drainage holes, as Alocasia Silver Dragon don't like wet feet.

Alocasia Silver Dragon in a white pot.


Although Alocasia Silver Dragon is a very poisonous plant and may cause skin irritation and illness to kids and pets, it is a super powerful purifier, so in its case, the saying that all good things come with a price is really valid.


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