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Three Great Reasons Why You Should Style Your Slugg Pots in Threes

If you're a plant enthusiast and have a set of Slugg pots (thanks legend!), we’ve got three great reasons why you should style your pots in threes!

Black Lucy Pots being placed in a cluster formation to provide depth and texture in a minimalist space.

Image 1: Lucy cluster 

Creates visual harmony and balance:

Styling in groups of three can create visual harmony and balance. It's more pleasing to the eye than an even number of pots. This is because our brains naturally find odd numbers more aesthetically pleasing and interesting. Slugg Pots make this simple as they are sold in a perfectly sized cluster of three!

A cluster of Thomas Pots instantly draws the eye by creating an interesting focal point in the room.

Image 2: Thomas cluster

Adds visual interest to your space:

Grouping pots in threes add visual interest to your space by creating a focal point. It can also help tie different elements of your space together and even elevate the space. This is especially important if you want to make your plants prominent in your home decor. Slugg Pots come in three different colors of White, Mud and Black, sure to contrast or compliment all spaces!

The ribbed texture of the Rosie Pots softly harmonizes with the panelled walls and floorboards of a retro-inspired living space.

Image 3: Rosie cluster

Practical and flexible:

Styling your Slugg pots in threes allows you to experiment with different arrangements and compositions while still maintaining a sense of unity. Mix and match different sizes, colours, and textures to create a unique display that suits your taste and style.

Bonus! It’s a practical solution for small gardens or balconies with limited space. By grouping your Slugg pots in threes, you can make the most of the limited space you have while still creating a beautiful display.

So, the next time you're arranging your plant collection, remember that three is the magic number!

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