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Hey plant lovers! Today, we're stepping into the wonderful world of botanical inspiration accounts on Instagram. 🌿✨

Let's face it, scrolling through our feeds has become a daily ritual for many. And if you're anything like us, it's filled with many awesome plant enthusiasts sharing their love for all things leafy.

We've discovered a handful of Instagram accounts that have inspired us, and we wanted to share them with you!

@house.plants.melb holds a watering can while she carefully walks among her indoor plants.

First up is @house.plants.melb, where Jac's feed is a botanical wonderland featuring a mesmerising collection of houseplants in her cosy home. Get ready to be inspired by her lush greenery and excellent plant advice.

@______thom has earthy minimalist style pots with carefully draped hanging plants.

Next on our list is @______thom, a Melbourne-based horticulturist who has perfected the art of stunning plant shelfies and dream-worthy plant combinations. This account is an endless source of inspiration that will leave you in awe.

@plantsbybenny holds a large Alocasia Plant.

Hold onto your plant pots because @plantsbybenny is next! Benny, a passionate plant enthusiast, has curated a botanical haven that showcases lush and vibrant greenery. Prepare to be amazed by his fantastic and unique plant collection.

@thefeelingsneutral showcases a simple wooden bookshelf covered in healthy indoor plants of all different varieties.

For those seeking a serene and calming aesthetic, look no further than @thefeelingsneutral_. Brit, the creative mind behind this account, has mastered the art of minimalist plant styling with a focus on neutral tones.

@goldenhourabode uses variously matured Monstera deliciosa plants to compliment a 1940’s inspired round white dining table with dusty rose velvet chairs.

And last but certainly not least, we have @goldenhourabode! Jordan's account is a dreamy escape into a world where plants bask in the warm glow of golden sunlight. With a keen eye for capturing the magical beauty of plants during the golden hour, their feed brings an ethereal vibe that will transport you to a botanical paradise.

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