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Indoor Plant Trends of 2024

The experts have spoken, and the house plant obsession is undoubtedly not over…which is excellent news for all the indoor plant lovers out there!

So, if you want to be hip in 2024, jump on a few of these trends!

Wide paddle shapes leaves of a Strelitzia Nicolai..

🌿 Big, Bold Foliage. Plants with insanely large foliage are taking centre stage this year, with the “it” indoor plant being the one and only Strelitzia Nicolai.

Cascading yellow heart-shaped foliage of a Pathos plant in a hanging pot.

🌻 Gold, Gold, Gold. Golden-yellow foliage is so in this year. Popular indoor plants include neon pothos, golden goddess Philodendron and chameleon ZZ plant.

🪴 Low maintenance plants. As we start to travel more and spend more time in the office, many of us will gravitate towards plants that don’t need a lot of love and attention.

👩‍🌾 Know-it-all plant parents. Indoor plant owners will actively learn more about their plants and how to care for them with the help of influencers and experts.

The peak of a Euphorbia Ammak Cactus with a blue sky background.

🌵 Less is more. Indoor plants with sparser foliage and a sculptural feel are on the rise. Popular examples include the famous Fiddle Leaf Fig, cacti, snake plant and succulents.


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