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How to Style your Pots and Plants

Indoor plants continue to be an ever-growing trend and it's easy to see why! Plants not only have great health benefits as air purifiers and stress reducers but can boost the overall aesthetics bringing to life gloomy interiors. Style your pots and plants to uplift and suit your environment.

How to style your pots and plants relies on four essentials; how to select your pots, location, picking your plants, and maintaining a weekly care routine. This all can be daunting at first but Slugg is here to make this process super easy!

Three is the Magic Number

How to style your pots and plants, when selecting pots even numbers create symmetry, while odd numbers create interest. Creating interest should be at the core of any great pot cluster. A pot cluster of three forces the eye to look around and take in each individual pot and plant combination. 

To Mix and Match?

For pot clusters, there are a couple of design elements to contemplate for how to style your pots and plants; shape, size, and color. Mixing shapes and sizes is a great way to create staggered heights. With color, we recommend using the same color (ideally a neutral palette) to ensure the focus is on the various plant colors and patterns. 


We all want our plants to not only survive but thrive in our homes. So the first thing to consider when selecting your plants is the environmental conditions your plants will be living in. Ask, does my home receive bright direct, bright indirect, moderate, or low light? Do I have drafty windows? Tons of air conditioning vents? Overpowering heat and humidity? Your answers will help you select the right plants for maintenance needs, and style your pots and plants to your space.

FUN FACT: Style your pots and plants in fun placements in and outside your home. Dining rooms, bathrooms, and balconies are great locations. Layer pots by looking at blank spaces on shelves, wide stairs or awkward corners that plants could brighten up.

Plants, Plants, Plants

Real plants or faux? Tall or short plants? When selecting and mixing plants, there are no rules. You can use the same plant in each pot, or mix it up and use a different plant in each pot. The possibilities are endless! This is where your personal preference is key (after all, this is how to style your pots and plants). If you don't have a green thumb, there are some amazing companies that produce incredible fake plants that really make you second guess if it's real or not! Or if you are looking for lush foliage then think of tropical plants such as palms, ficus, and ferns.

Remember to style your pots and plants but research what is suited to your home environment to ensure your plants thrive in their new position.

Style Your Pots and Plants With These Recommendations:

Lucy Cluster- Tropical Vibe: Strelitzia, Peace Lily, Philodendron Xanadu

Thomas ClusterDesert Mood: Cowboy Cactus, Pencil Cactus, Ball Cactus

Rosie ClusterHousehold Favorites: Fiddle Leaf Fig, Monstera, Devils Ivy 


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