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Goth Garden - Halloween Special

As the leaves rustle and the nights grow longer, Halloween enthusiasts turn their attention to a special haunt— the Halloween garden. What better way to celebrate the spookiest season than by cultivating an enchanting and eerie garden? In this bewitching blog post, we'll explore the dark and mysterious side of gardening, introducing you to a captivating collection of flowers with names as intriguing as their blooms.

Source: @lily_kwong

Diphylleia Grayi - 'Skeleton Flower': This mysterious and enchanting flower has delicate white petals that turn transparent when they come into contact with water, resembling skeletal bones. 

Black Sunflowers: While not truly black, these sunflowers have dark, deep maroon or almost black petals, making them a striking addition to your garden. 

Black Dahlia

Black Dahlia: Known for their dark and dramatic blooms, black dahlias add a touch of gothic elegance to any garden. Their deep, almost black, velvety petals make them a perfect choice for Halloween.

Black Lily: These lilies boast dark, inky petals that exude an air of mystery. Plant them in your Halloween garden for a touch of elegance with a hint of the macabre.

Black Cosmos: Black cosmos features rich, dark, and velvety blossoms that give off an enchanting, otherworldly aura. 

Black Scabiosa: With their almost black petals and striking, intricate centres, they are reminiscent of dark, mystical orbs.

Black Peony Poppy: This exotic poppy variety showcases ruffled, almost black petals that provide a captivating contrast to its bright centre. 

Black Iris

Hello, Darkness Bearded Iris: With its poetic name and deep, velvety blooms, this bearded iris adds a touch of romance and mystery to your garden. 

Black Hyacinth A.K.A. Dark Dimension: The black hyacinth, also known as 'Dark Dimension,' brings a deep, captivating hue to your garden. Its rich, inky colour is perfect for setting the stage for Halloween.

Black Tulips: Black tulips are iconic symbols of darkness and elegance. With their deep, velvety petals, they are sure to cast a spell on anyone who beholds them.

These unique and darkly themed flowers will transform your garden into a mysterious and captivating space just in time for Halloween. Enjoy the eerie beauty they bring to your outdoor space and set the stage for a spooktacular celebration!