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6 Must-Follow Plant Accounts on Instagram


Here are 6 must-follow plant accounts on Instagram that are definitely worth a follow for plant care tips and tricks!

1. @botanicalsandbillie

Starting off our 6 must-follow plant accounts on Instagram are Botanicals and Billie. There’s seriously some plant magic happening on this account! Plus, the occasional shot of Anne’s eight-year-old Sypynx cat called Billie.

1. @MOMagency

Interior stylist Suzy Coassin shares a curated feed of beautiful interior inspiration of decorated homes with a modern bohemian style. Suzy also shares lots of useful styling tips as well.

2. @thepottedjungle

If you love all things green, than this San Diego ‘plantaholic’ is all the inspo you need to create your own indoor jungle!

3. @mybohojunglebook

With an impressive collection of plants, Haily shares her boho vintage jungle home and it's oh so impressive!

4. @Leafy.lane

If you’re looking at transforming your home into an indoor jungle, then look no further than Brad Canning of @leafy.lane for inspo! There are heaps of ideas for plants, DIY and tutorials.

5. @mr.cigar

Last, but certainly not least in our 6 must-follow plant accounts on Instagram, Ron Goh has transformed his home into a thriving plant-filled sanctuary. The plants seem to go hand in hand with the beautifully curated vintage furniture pieces.

This concludes the 6 must-follow plant accounts on Instagram but check out this blog for more Instagram content!