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5 Ways to Style Plants in Your Bathroom

Looking to create your own natural zen-like oasis to begin your day or escape after a long day? Then consider transforming your bathroom into a peaceful getaway by bringing the outdoors inside with these 5 ways to style plants in your bathroom.

Finding ways to style plants not only freshens your bathroom space with greenery or a pop of color but are the ultimate way to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Finding ways to style plants also provides mindfulness that comes with great air-purifying health benefits. Plants generally thrive on the regular doses of moisture that come from your bathroom. Even if your bathroom is on the dark side, certain plants don’t need much. 

So whether you're stuck for space or just don't know how to begin, these tips will help with ways to style plants in your bathroom. 

Devil's Ivy plants cascade from floating shelves above a shower stall.

Spruce up with Shelves

The simple ways to style plants are on vanities and floor spaces. However, consider installing a floating bathroom shelf to not only create more functional storage but also a space to show off a few houseplants. Your plants will fill right at home next to some decorative canisters filled with bathroom essentials or fresh-pressed towels awaiting use on display.

Enhance the Shower

Open shower bathrooms are a growing trend in the interior design industry and are excellent ways of styling plants that naturally hang. Styling plants within your shower not only can replicate this freedom and experience but the high humidity of showers and easy access to water are great homes for plants. If you have the extra space, place a plant in the corner or add additional shelving to create a tropic backdrop to your shower.

Plants warm up a large, cold bathroom.

Fill Awkward Floor Space

The luxury of having a larger bathroom can sometimes be daunting when it comes to styling. They can feel cold, sterile and have that ‘not quite finished’ feeling, but incorporating ways to style plants, particularly large floor ones, can create warmth, fill awkward voids, and an impactful focal point that keeps the space fresh and modern.

Create Height 

Look to the ceiling to incorporate unique ways to style plants in your bathroom without impacting precious real estate. Create a jungle-like vibe by hanging a few plants in the corner at various heights or create a dramatic feature over your bathtub with a large hanging spider plant.

Utilize Windowsills

Take full advantage of natural light within your bathroom by displaying plants in your window. There are ways to style plants that appear pleasing but can be practical. Look for plants that require a lot of natural light and humidity. Peace lily and Aloe Vera plants make for a perfect addition to these unique window locations.

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